What does it mean to be Gracie?

What are the benefits of training at the most traditional BJJ Academy in the World and in Australia?

What does Gracie Sydney have to offer to you? 


Being part of one of the Gracie Humaita Academies in Australia means that you are GRACIE! You are automatically part of the Gracie Sydney family, a community that embrace our cultural differences, that strives for success and that is committed to keep the original Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legacy alive. You will be a Gracie from day one to your last day on the mats. 

Back in 1925, Grand Master Helio Gracie and Grand Master Carlos Gracie created the first Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Gracie Humaita was born. Later one the gym was passed to the hands of Master Royler Gracie and Master Rolker Gracie. Professor Bruno, who received his Black Belt from the hands of Master Royler, opened the Gracie Sydney gym in 2001 in Australia. History was made throughout the years. Nothing came easy, not for Helio, Carlos, Royler, Rolker or Bruno. But work hard pays off. Gracie Humaita in Australia is the most traditional academy in the country and brings within the legacy of the most traditional BJJ academy in the world. 

So, ok. But what does it ultimately mean for a new student? It means that you are gonna learn the pure technique straight from the roots at Gracie Sydney. You probably already have done your research and read somewhere that BJJ is based in technique, not in strength, OR, that BJJ is a martial art where a weaker person can defeat a bigger and stronger opponent, right? Alright. So, if you really want to learn this famous BJJ technique, stick to the original form of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 


At Gracie Sydney you will have 9 coaches running 8 different programs in 3 big mat spaces for over 500 students. Yeah, that are all the statistics of our Academy! 



Professor Antonio Kapincho, Professor Gabriel Molon, Professor Domenico, Professor Bruno Panno, Coach Jayson, Coach Anne, Coach Elisa, Coach Higor and Coach Saige. Different styles of teaching and different expertises create the best curriculum to build your best game. 



Advanced, Foundation, No Gi, Wrestling, Competition, Teens, Kids and Toddlers. As I said previously, it is culturally diverse and democratic community that welcomes everybody regardless their age, body type, gender, physical attributes, fitness level, sexual orientation, background and etc… COME AND JOIN US!



The Gracie Sydney Academy has 3 enormous mat areas to totalizing 400sqm of mats. This means that we can run different programs simultaneously. At peak hours you can choose if you are doing Gi or NO GI, for example. 



At first sight it may sound way too much, but I guarantee it is not! Gracie Sydney has enough space for all rolls and definitely a sufficient number of coaches watching your training. The way I see it is that Gracie Sydney has a diverse type of training. You can literally choose what type of roll you are after.

For example, in normal training we tend to roll 5 times. My first roll will be with someone my level and my size; second roll I go after someone big and strong or someone really high level (if they want to train with me); third roll I go light with some fresh white belt so I can “rest while training”; forth roll is with someone similar to my first roll; fifth roll is whatever comes (challenge time, and luck me one of the coaches call me – ps: this is not rare as most of the time one coach train with their students while the other coaches watch the class). 


To sum up the benefits of joining Gracie Sydney, you will start a new hobby that will become the best addiction of your life within a community that thrives together. On top of that, Gracie Sydney has the best service to offer together with its most important asset, our students. 


Come for a Free Trial. There is no waste of money and definitely no waste of time. Give it a chance to change your life for the best!!!!!


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