When was the last time you did something new for the first time? If it is taking too long to answer, we must say: you should move!!!

We know there’s always something on the way, like: I don’t have time; I’m lazy today; I’m working too much; I’m having a horrible headache. That’s ok, no judgments. We are always expecting that we could do that thing tomorrow or in a few days. But, does tomorrow exist? Not sure. 


We are not talking about big projects! It’s not about starting that new business or investing your money in something rentable – although it also can be. It is about finally going to the first class of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or about watching videos that teach how to play instruments. You will always have the same results if you do the same things. To break patterns, you have to risk and try something new.


What are you afraid of?

Fear of failure prevents us from living many experiences and, consequently, also deprives us of trying amazing things. Our tip for this moment when fear paralyzes you is to remember that you are unique. Not even with much effort, you would have the same experience as someone else and vice-versa. This individuality is proof that doing something new is different for each one. No testimony will be the same as the other one!


So, what are you afraid of? Forget the necessity of acceptance, forget the possibility of making mistakes and fail, forget other people’s lack of courage. Focus on yourself. Focus on your freedom to choose to do something new. Focus on your freedom to be able to change your mind, to try and give up. But try! Regretting doing is always better than regretting not doing it, trust me.

Worry about looking to the side just so you don’t lose sight of everybody else, refusing to be left behind when it comes to living. For the rest, just focus on doing what you feel like today, because tomorrow may not come.  


Try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Among the many new things you can try and put into your routine or not, it’s clear that we encourage you to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Sydney! There are many reasons for this: 


– Helps control body weight.

– Improves self-esteem.

– Improves fitness.

– Helps in disease prevention.

– Helps control blood pressure.

– Reduces insomnia and anxiety.

– Improves flexibility.

– Increases muscle strength.

– Improves mood..

– Improves the cardiorespiratory system.


If you were waiting for a push to book a FREE TRIAL CLASS, here it is! 

Come and try BJJ for the first time with us. We are looking forward to helping you change your life!

See you on the mats,
Gracie Humaita Sydney.

by Fernanda Monteiro



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