Hi Students!

Welcome to the Online Membership era!

The nowadays most popular topic, the CVOVID-19, has forced us to take a break and reinvent ourselves. So, here we are.

Just a few weeks after launching the new platform and getting really good feedback from students is very rewarding for us.

For who still is not on board and is wondering what is the Online Membership, here is a quick introduction to what has been offered to you!

The Online Membership consists of two platforms: 1. The Zoom Classes; and 2. The Video Library.



The Zoom Classes timetable has Kids, Solo and Partners classes. 

They take 45 minutes and cover the whole schedule of a normal class. Stretches, Warm-ups, Techniques and instant Feed-backs.

The classes are very important to keep you active for when the Academy opens again. 


And, the Video Library covers a bunch of techniques that aim to sharpen your skillsYou can watch, pause and review unlimited times. 

Sweeps from Close Guard, Attacks from Close Guard, Sweeps and Guard Attacks, Hooks, Solo Drills, Partner Drills, Attacks from Butterfly Guard, Side Controls, Self-defence and MORE.. All of them decide into categories to make your life easier and motive you to keep improving.

You will never miss a technique again. 

We are already 50 members on the Online Membership family and will be waiting for you! Come on board.

Sign Up NOW and keep improving!

Gracie Team.