The great results achieved by SRG Thai Boxing Sydney on the year of 2012, have not been limited to the outstanding talent of Luis SRG Regis and Matt Douglas.

With an incredible upcoming team of fighter, SRG Thai Boxing Gym has now engraved their space into the Australian scene of Muay Thai.

Leonie SRG Macks made to number 1 featherweight Muay Thai Fighter of Australia after beating Dina Sokol, once in September and then again for the on the 23rd of November. Mary SRG Wildner, Jack Kearney, Nikita Maslov, Derek Munnelly, Joe Roder and Adam Bowlby had amazing fights on the Warrior FC Show down in Canberra. They all learned a lot on that day.

Luis Regis, SRG head trainer and main Fighter, kept his undefeated record for the year of 2012. Bringing the victory back to Sydney on Knees of Fury event in Adelaide against Charlie Chan via unanimous decision. The fight will be at Fox 3 on the 21st of December at 9:30pm, if you like to check it out.
This is just a quick snapshot of the latest events we had in the past few months. The Gym is growing, and now we have the ability to take the downstairs area and expand the SRG facilities to more than double of the current space, introducing some new Circuit and fitness Classes.

There are a lot of new students, specially the ladies that are getting fit for summer. Everyone setting their goals to achieve a great shape for the silly season.
We would like to thank you all for the absolutely amazing year of 2012, the unconditional support from all the students really make us keeping on going and believing that we are in the right path.

The 15th of December, Saturday will be the Christmas celebration party for SRG Students and will be held at South Maroubra Park at 12pm (Lunch time). All family and friends are welcome. $35 all you can eat Brazilian BBQ or you can pay $50 and include all drinks as well.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.