Have you ever searched for the meaning of “productivity”? You will probably find a thousand websites teaching you how to be more productive just by adopting simple techniques. Of course, you can implement a few tips to be more productive, but it should always be done strategically to turn those tips into a lifestyle.


Contrary to popular belief, being productive isn’t about staying busy. You have 24 hours in your day and with work, family, and other commitments you must use them effectively. In order to do this the management and structure of your days is essential.


Efficiency and Effectiveness

Being efficient is not exactly the same as being effective. Although both words can be used as synonyms, they have different meanings:

Efficiency: Executing a task in the most economical way possible with the least time, effort, and resources used.

Effectiveness: Emphasis is on the result, the degree to which your task is successful.

It’s important to know the difference, you can always rush a task (efficiency) and not achieve a quality result from it (effectiveness). If you can find a balance between them, that’s the key to being productive!

How to manage your time to be more productive

Your definition of productivity is directly related to time management. We’ve provided below some tips that you can implement into your routine in order to build healthy habits and a productive lifestyle:

Wake up early

Give yourself some time to start your day right. In addition to improving your quality of life through self-care, waking up earlier gives you the time to organize your day correctly. You’ll notice you feel more productive when you start your day doing something you enjoy, going to a Jiu-Jitsu class before work for instance.

Prioritize tasks

When you don’t manage your priorities, everything becomes confusing and, consequently, it restricts you from being more productive.

List your priorities and goals, begin working on the important ones first. After listing all your priorities, try to complete them one by one. If you’re unable to complete everything at the end of the day, simply move your unfinished activities to tomorrow’s list for the next day.

Stop multitasking

When you try to multitask it gets increasingly hard to concentrate on the task at hand and it becomes easy to lose focus.

Take notes

Get into the habit of writing down all your ideas, reminders, and process. When we write down information, automatically we create mental reminders. This makes planning and organizing your day much easier as you’re less likely to miss inform yourself on your tasks.


Implementing these tips will help you with your productivity immensely. Always remember to evaluate your own strategies and work continuously to better your lifestyle. Everything starts in the mind. Take care of yours.

See you on the mats,
Gracie Humaita Sydney.