Hi everyone, I would like to congratulate all coaches, students and supporters who were at Sydney Uni last Sunday. Once more GSA showed a high level of gracie jiu jitsu.

The highlights for this comp were:

Kirsty – First GSA female winning a no gi comp… and it was by submission, WELL DONE.

Mark Baskin and Tommy Lee – They went all the way to the final submitting  all the opponents and showing a awesome jiu jitsu.

Josh – Loosing by nine points with 90 seconds to the end, he showed a big heart and turn the result to 12 x 9, IMPRESSIVE!!! 

Elan Rubinstein –  Using a very uncommon wrestling suit, Elan got the gold medal and the title of most stylish competitor. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Next competition is on May 17th, it will be the first NSW FEDERATION GI COMP. Lets train hard for this comp!!!