Starting the year of 2014 with our eyes open to all the changes in the rules and regulations made by the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) we would like to point a few “new rules” that will be applied at the European Open Championship, the first leg on the IBJJF tour.

Have a look below on the changes made so far, and pay attention for the next couple of days to see the new rules finalized and included on the IBJJF rule book.

The major changes will be the following.

1. For the double guard pull. Athletes will have 20sec to improve position or stand up, or both will have a penalty. Note if you double guard pull and then come up on top you get an advantage anyway.

2. You must open the legs when sweeping with the 50/50 position to secure the 2 points. Not opening the leg means no points.

3. Single leg take down with the head in the OUTSIDE will no longer be allowed for kids Jiu Jitsu and white belts (referee will just stop and restart the match, no penalty will apply). For Blue to Black it is still allowed but if the opponent then does a counter take down (by grabbing the belt like a “sumi gaeshi”) then they will be disqualified NOT VERY CLEAR OF A RULE AS YET.

Stay tuned for the latest news from the BJJ World and see the IBJJF Rule Book for all the complete details.

Gracie Humaita Australia!!