In addition to the DO OR DIE Hyperfly Gi range we have just revived our first set of KINGZ gis. These are the 450 COMP V3 Kimonos in White from size A1-A3. We will be getting the whole Kingz set in stock so keep checking back for updates as the merchandise arrives.

**Gracie Humaita Students receive FREE front and back Humaita Patches for their gi

Info about this gi:
The Kingz 450 COMP V3 gi is a 450 gram weight jacket top made of traditional pearl weave material of 100{92f1572a082317c0570d27e962ee347172df3d87d051e40ee6d5e73ba38ddde9} Cotton.
Triple reinforced stitching across all stress points
Quick dry and fully breathable

Gis undergo a preshrinking process, reducing by 90{92f1572a082317c0570d27e962ee347172df3d87d051e40ee6d5e73ba38ddde9} the shrinkage of the gi
Logo trim on jacket bottom and cuffs
High stitch count embroidered logos on shoulders
Made of one piece fabric for superior strength and durability
Synthetic heat resistant lapel insert, a single piece of vulcanized rubber inside the collar that keeps the gi light, dry faster and keep your lapel fungus an bacteria free

10oz drill cotton material, light yet extremely durable & comfortable
Double reinforced knee padding, triple stitched with over lapped seam
6 Drawstring loops
Rope drawstring as opposed to the traditional twill, which allows for tighter fastening of the pants, and more comfort when training.

All Gis come with a FREE KINGZ Gi Bag.