Money may even bring happiness to some people, but science warns: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu exercise brings more! A study by the universities of Oxford and Yale indicated that physically active people have a greater sense of well-being than sedentary ones. Okay, let’s blame the endorphins at this point.. But, the novelty is that the practice of activities makes people feel as good as those inactive who earn about AU$ 400 thousand per year.

The survey collected data from more than 1,2 million Americans. To come to this conclusion, they asked how many times the interviewees felt mentally ill in the past 30 days, considering states of stress, depression or emotional problems. (NOTE: we suggest that you think about this too). In addition, the group also talked about exercise habits. They choose from 75 physical activities, ranging from mowing the lawn to cycling. So that’s when the results surprised some people – some, because those who practice jiu-jitsu know that there isn’t a greater feeling of fulfillment and happiness like the one when you finish the class. 


The conclusions

The results indicate that people who exercise regularly feel ill for an average of 35 days a year, while inactive people reach about 53 days. All types of exercises given as an option in the study were associated with a lower mental health burden, but the ones which also included some socialization have a bigger positive impact over your brain.

Also according to the research, three to five weekly sessions of physical exercise, each lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, are enough to have a more balanced and better mental, and, consequently, physical health. Considering that Gracie Sydney classes last a minimum of 1 hour, coming for training three times a week already guarantees you an increase in your quality of life, mood, better disposition for your routine and many other benefits – including meeting some new friends and maybe your whole lifestyle for good!


Move your body and your energy!

Money doesn’t buy happiness. It may alleviate stress by providing access to leisure activities, but perspective is key. Well-being is influenced by how you feel rather than circumstances. Exercise increases strength, improves blood flow, assists with food metabolism and the purging of toxins. It stimulates the production of endorphins and increases your levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. How well does it sound? But be sure: it feels even better.

All we can say now is that you better look after your mental health. If you haven’t been feeling the best, contact us! Gracie Humaita Sydney is here to support you in finding happiness. You can always count on us.


See you on the mats,
Gracie Humaita Sydney.

by Fernanda Monteiro



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