If you’ve ever wondered what the ‘Humaita Style’ of Gracie Jiu Jitsu is, Master Royler Gracie is the indicator. In this article Royler’s tactics and techniques are broken down through data taken from all of his matches from 1994 to present. 

Some excerpts of note: 

  • 42{92f1572a082317c0570d27e962ee347172df3d87d051e40ee6d5e73ba38ddde9} of the sweeps observed were from a form of butterfly guard. (Watch free video of these techniques HERE.)
  • Royler passed the guard on average 1.6 times per a match. The next closest competitor was Gui Mendes with just 0.78 in comparison. 
  • Almost half of these Guard passes were from his signature knee through (or knee slice) style pass.
  • 88{92f1572a082317c0570d27e962ee347172df3d87d051e40ee6d5e73ba38ddde9} of the submissions Royler completed were from either the back or mount position. 
  • 50{92f1572a082317c0570d27e962ee347172df3d87d051e40ee6d5e73ba38ddde9} of these submissions were chokes from the back while the remaining 50{92f1572a082317c0570d27e962ee347172df3d87d051e40ee6d5e73ba38ddde9} were a mix of armbars and collar chokes.

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