1 – Profession

Warehouse Manager

2 – Academic Background

Associate Diploma Materials Production (Metallurgy ) Wollongong

Bachelor Performance (Acting) UWS

3 – How long have you been training GJJ?

It will be 3 years in February 2013.

4 – Belt


5 – Why you decide to train JJ?

I worked with a friend who was obsessed with UFC. He started showing it to me at work, and I wasn’t so interested in the whole show, as I was in this “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu” thing. Bruno was literally around the corner in Coogee from where I worked, so I went and watched a class, and then I got on the internet and saw Bruno’s credentials with Royler. From there I started and just fell in love with it.

6 – Why you chose Gracie Sydney?

It didn’t feel like “martial arts”. It felt relaxed, but challenging. It was REAL, it was HARD. It wasn’t choreography in a Gi; I had seen what Royce had done in the UFC and Rickson in Pride. Then of course it was the rest of the people at Gracie Coogee (as it was then). Everyone looked after each other. There is a lot of trust involved in training Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

7 – What are your accomplishments?

My Purple Belt. I’m a Gracie Humaita Purple Belt. I’m a Bruno Panno Purple Belt. That means something to me.

8 – What is your favourite technique?

Chokes, all of them J Grandmaster Helio said something like- a tough guy might survive an arm bar, but if he doesn’t tap to a choke he’s going to sleep.

9 – What is your goal in JJ?

My goal for Jiu Jitsu is to never stop. I could say in X number of years I would like to be a Black Belt, or win such and such championship, but really I just want to do Jiu Jitsu.