Studies continue to convey that physical exercise improves brain functionality and processing. But what is the ideal dose? Scientists are only recently discovering the prescription and timing needed to achieve the biggest boost. We, at Gracie Humaita Sydney, care about your mental health as much as your physical. We’ve decided to tackle this topic here and encourage you to participate in any kind of sport – but, of course, BJJ is better for many and many other reasons.

Companies like Google and Reebok are strategically using physical activity to make employees more productive. They believe physical activity keeps workers motivated and their workspace healthy thus enhancing their performance.


Check the tips below to see how you can have a greater cognitive boost with your next workout.


Wake up and start

If possible, train in the morning. Moderate to intense aerobic exercise stimulates the brain to achieve peak intellectual performance, balancing neurochemicals that contribute to cognitive functioning. The benefits of morning exercise extend throughout the day, allowing your mind to maintain peak performance for your daily tasks. 


Challenge Yourself

Spend more time drilling out of your comfort zone. Aerobic sports such as Jiu-Jitsu require coordination, rhythm, and strategic thinking whilst promoting neurogenesis. Keeping your mind active and working throughout your exercise helps improve and sustain your cognitive boost.



Mental and physical tasks strengthen the anterior cingulate cortex, a part of the brain associated with perceived exertion, making hard work easier. Jiu-jitsu is perfect for this as it requires the engagement of both the mind and body.


Stanford University has discovered that 10 to 15 minutes of brisk walking can make you significantly more creative. Anything that improves your heart rate will increase blood flow to your brain and provides an increase in cognition, thus improving your creativity and processing.

They suggest strategically timing these mini activity sessions into the afternoon, as research shows that as the day goes on, mental energy runs out. Continuing to stay active, even for a few minutes, helps keep the brain healthy and active.

From now on, try to see exercise as something greater than just physical. Taking care of health also involves giving the proper attention to your mental health. BJJ can be a great ally for this. BOOK YOUR FREE TRIAL at Gracie Humaita Sydney and take the first step to change your life forever!!!

See you on the mats,
Gracie Humaita Sydney.


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