Gracie Sydney would like to thank all the wonderful women we know- from Mums who get their Gracie Kids to class to our very own Gracie Sydney Women’s Team. We appreaciate your constant dedication and support! We would not be here without you.

This Internation Women’s Day we, as well as all females in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu everywhere, are also celebrating the recent addition of new weightclasses for women. The IBJJF has announced new weight division for Women and Juvenile Females. Since the inception of the IBJJF the official weight divisions that women could enter into were between 53kg and 73kg. As the art has grown so have the numbers of women competing each year. Where there were combined ‘purple-brown-black belt’ division we now have all color belt divisions! This time the IBJJF has made another move to accommodate this constantly growing community. We will now have the Rooster weight (under 53kg) and Super Heavy weight (over 73kg) divisions added to events to make competition safer and farer for all female competitors.