Dear Members,


Gracie Humaita Alexandria has made the decision to CLOSE FOR TWO WEEKS due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Attempting to re-open on the 6th of April 2020.


After again deliberating with multiple health professionals and seeking public opinion on the matter; we believe this to be the most appropriate decision at this point in time.


This is not a business decision, but a consideration for humanity. We want to protect our community and people of all ages by doing what we can to flatten the disease’s curve.

Gracie Sydney needs to take serious action to immediately limit day-to-day interactions and activities and we need to do our part to stop this virus from spreading.


We apologise to all of our members for the inconvenience caused.


During this outbreak, Gracie Humaita Alexandria will be releasing videos and instructionals on our online platform for all active members to keep learning during closure.


The Online Classes videos will be released from tomorrow the 19th of March 2020, on our new Instagram account @graciesydneyonline, YouTube Channel Gracie Sydney TV, and soon from our website. 


Active members will be receiving instructions through our Instagram account and Website to get access to @graciesydneyonline, and YouTube private videos from tomorrow. 


The coaches and staff will do their best to ensure new and satisfying content during the closure of the Academy.


Please do everything you can to take an active role in preventing the spread of infection. 


We remain committed to getting through this together with compassion and knowledge.

As a small business and Jiu Jitsu family, we appreciate your continued support, love, loyalty and understanding through this concerning time. Thank you!


Let’s stay strong and safe!

We will keep updating you of any changes. If you have any enquiries please email: 


Bruno Panno,

Executive Director