Gracie Sydney is proud to announce the Gracie Loyalty Program! The Gracie Rewards Points program allows Gracie Sydney members to earn points for everyday spending, attendance, competition medals and sing ups and then claim for products!!

This program gives you a way to obtain products free of charge, making your money count even more!

For each purchase, closer to a product you are.

For each class attended, closer to a product you are.

For each competition you subscribe, closer to a product you are.

For each Gold Medal you get it, closer to a product you are.


All purchases (on and offline) count for earning points. The points are valid for a year, every 1st January all points are erased on the system. 1 dollar spent at Gracie Sydney Store (on and offline) is equal to a 1 Gracie Point.

Gold Medal                = 50 points

Top 1 attendance       = 50 points

Top 2 attendance       = 30 points

Top 3 attendance       = 10 points

Sig up for a comp      = 30 points

1 dollar                       = 1 point 


To redeem the points, members must come to Gracie Sydney, check their balance, choose the product in stock and redeem the points.

Points are individually and not transferable.




Who is eligible to participate?

All Gracie Sydney active members can participate. Once you become a member you are already participating.


How can I manage my Gracie Points?  

Gracie Sydney members can check their balance at any time with our friendly staff at the reception. Once you have enough points to redeem products you are good to get them.


How much is 250 points?

250 Gracie Sydney points is worth a T-Shirt. For each dollar spent on Gracie Sydney store, one dollar on points. 1 dollar = 1 point. Please, check the Gracie Sydney Points picture above.


When can I redeem? 

Gracie members are welcome to redeem Gracie Points at any time. Points accumulate for a year, every 1st of January all points are restored.


Can members use points as a discount when purchasing products? 

No. Points are to be redeemed in products only. For example, a member with 240 points cannot claim the points to get a T-Shirt and pay the difference in cash/card. Members can redeem the points in products only when they have enough points to get the products.


Can I combine points from different members? 

Points are individually and not transferable. Gracie Sydney members cannot exchange points.


Do the points expiry? 

Yes, points are accumulative for a year. Every 1st of January the points will be restored.


Can I redeem the points online?

To redeem Gracie Points, members must come to Gracie Sydney academy. It is not possible to redeem online.


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