With the launch of our latest program for children- Mighty Mites (ages 2-4) we thought we would again share the philosophy we at Gracie Sydney opperate under for children’s martial arts education We believe that every child can benefit from training Gracie Jiu Jitsu (known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or ‘BJJ’). At Gracie Sydney our children’s program utilizes a Montessori schooling approach and the Socratic Method. In the Montessori approach, much like in life, there aren’t always clear cut or certain punishments and rewards but there are always consequences to all of our actions and choices. We guide children in a space where they can safely make informed choice for themselves and see if they like the consequences. This encourages their emotional independence- an essential part of continued development for any child. It is an educational approach to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that is not just about learning techniques and self defence, and becoming healthy and strong. It is about helping each child to grow. The second component of our program, The Socratic Method, is a form of inquiry and discussion based on asking and answering questions. We do this in a group setting as well as individually in order to stimulate critical thinking, attention, and illicit ideas from students. Children learn to express themselves to their peers as well as how to listen and interpret others. These ideas we explore develop in complexity as our children develop right along with their understand of the games and techniques we train in our classes. Through these two components of our program we ultimately continue to develop each child’s mental, physical, and emotional capacities. We do this through our instruction, our martial art’s principals, and by your family’s input in your child’s training. Your child is your family’s most valuable asset. Let’s help grow that together.      The Staff at Gracie Sydney      To find out more about all of our programs, from toddlers to teens, and to book a free introductory class for your child today- click here.