The Gracie Humaita Pro Team are hosting a trial event for Blue Belts to be part of a Quintet team to compete at The Gold Coast Classic on the 30th of November, for $5000.
We will be selecting the 5 best Blue belts on the day, along with 1 coach to travel to the Gold Coast.

Flights and accommodation will be paid by the Gracie Humaita Australia Pro Team from 29/11/2019 to 1/12/2019.

As a requirement to participate in the qualifiers, you have to help at eh Gracie Humaita Internal White Belt Competition, from 10am.
Brackets will be drawn on the day and no registration is required. The qualifiers will commence once the Internal White Belt Competition has finished.

For more information or enquires, please contact GRACIEHUMAITAPROTEAM@GMAIL.COM

Gracie Humaita Blue Belt Qualifiers