Without a doubt starting training Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Sydney is a great decision! Do you know that sport that offers advantages beyond the physical aspect and also brings great lessons to your personal life? Well, that’s jiu-jitsu! The practice is closely associated with improving self-defense skills, strengthening the body and mind, breathing control, increasing well-being, and, above all, character formation. It’s no wonder that we see several schools using jiu-jitsu to teach children and young people notions of sociability, respect, and discipline. 


The art of jiu-jitsu was developed with the philosophy that you can overcome a stronger opponent using only techniques. The efficiency of jiu-jitsu techniques was proven with the challenges carried out by the Gracie family and the first UFC fights. Statistically, it has been shown that, in a real situation, 9 out of 10 fights end up on the ground, where jiu-jitsu can bring an advantage.


Known as a gentle art, there are numerous benefits that jiu-jitsu can provide to the body and mind. We’ve put together a list of good reasons for you to start practicing this martial art.


Main benefits of jiu-jitsu:
  • Develops strength, endurance, and flexibility.
  • Focuses on fighting and ground movement.
  • It helps to lose weight and have a great physical condition.
  • It also teaches self-defense techniques and develops self-confidence.
  • The lifestyle that accompanies the practice of jiu-jitsu brings benefits to the body through stretching and healthy eating.
  • It helps to fight stress and anxiety, providing well-being.
  • Increases reflection.
  • Provides the practitioner with a more defined body.
  • Improves the practitioner’s cardiovascular and respiratory capacity.


And all this confidence – and hope, so to speak – in the martial art comes from the fact that jiu jitsu has a secular origin based on Japanese culture. The name itself explains well what the modality is based on. Jiu-jitsu comes from the Japanese jūjutsu, which means “gentle art”. That is, strength is not the watchword here; the focus is on the fighter’s technique, which uses lever, twist and pressure gestures to use the opponent’s blow against himself, dominate him and take him to the ground.


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