Article From Gracie Mag

Shaped like a warrior since a young age, Rickson Gracie is an example of good health. For many years he has been creating a well-adjusted body structure for the practice of Jiu – Jitsu. Coupled with the power of the art, master Rickson maintains the body machine in high octane, feeding his gears with the best quality of fuel: The Gracie Diet, with some adjustments made ​​for him.  An example is that he changed the time intervals between meals.

In an interview with the reporter Ana Luiza Leal, for  ” Alfa ” magazine , The Coral belt (red and black belt) Gracie family member revealed his eating routines. Learn from the teacher himself, and improve your diet to get a better performance in your workouts!



• 1 cup of coffee • 2 slices of bread (rich in fiber) • 2 thick slices of white cheese

Morning Snack

• 1 class of  500 ml of Mix fruits vitamin with 1 scoop of protein powder


• 1 plate of green leafs with 3 tablespoons of cashew nuts

• 1/2 dessert plate of boiled vegetables • 3 tablespoons brown rice • 1/2 roasted chicken breast in the oven

Afternoon Snack

• 300g frozen acai pulp mixed with: – 1 papaya, dried dates 3, and 3 tablespoons of granola

Evening snack

• 1 full roasted pastel stuffed with ricotta cheese • 1 class of 500 ml of beet juice


• Omelet made ​​with 2 yolks and 5 egg whites • 1 large cooked sweet potato


• 2 slices of whole grain bread • 2 thick slices of white cheese  • 10 chopped sweet Oranges

In addition to the recipes, the master also underscores the importance of not abusing red meat, replacing the common white bread with fiber rich breads and cereals, the total abolition of added sugar, replaced by dried fruits like dates, and no processed embedded foods such as ham and sausages, which are filled with sodium.

Another tip is related to preparing vegetables. In traditional cooking, when boiling your vegetables, much of the nutrients are left in the water. So, prefer to prepare them steamed.