Improving attention, concentration, reasoning and productivity during activities that require better cognitive performance, such as training Jiu-Jitsu, studying, working, or any other day-to-day task is the desire of more and more people.

Cognitive performance is classified as the constant development of the ability to think, understand and act optimally and efficiently. This is because different factors such as habits, lifestyle, pathologies and aging are capable of affecting the functionality of our brain, impacting different areas of life.

Each individual has a particular cognitive profile, following their own set of standards in capturing and processing information, but there are some stimuli that can help us increase mental performance, as well as prevent deterioration and even improve other mental capacities.


Cognitive performance: what is it?

Cognition is the basis of intelligence, as well as the means by which the symbiosis of neural communication occurs. Thus, cognitive performance refers to obtaining the ideal and effective functioning of each person’s cognitive abilities and executive functions, aiming to achieve maximum memory performance, processing speed and decision making, for example.

Just like our body, our brain also needs daily care and stimulation to stay healthy and improve our aptitude for attention, verbal and spatial memory, language, intelligence, mood and more.


What is cognitive stimulation?

First, it is necessary to understand that cognitive function deals with the neurological ability to perceive, stick to, memorize, think, reason, classify, associate, abstract, create, etc. Thus, cognitive stimulation can be understood as a set of techniques and strategies aimed at the effectiveness and enhancement of cognitive abilities through activities that produce changes in the brain.

The stimulation of cognitive functions is capable of improving the performance of certain executive functions such as working memory, attention and concentration.


How to boost your thinking ability

Practicing mental exercises, even as a form of leisure or distraction, can be very beneficial for the health of the brain and to stimulate its cognitive functions. It may not seem like it, but many mobile games and traditional childhood games are good tools for those who want to improve agility, memory and reasoning, as well as improve their ability to make decisions and solve puzzles quickly.


What cognitive skills can be trained?

High cognitive performance can be achieved by training a wide range of skills or by strengthening specific skills that, depending on our needs, are most interesting. Some of these cognitive functions are:

Attention: ability to generate, select, direct and maintain an adequate level of activation to process the relevant information.

Reasoning: ability to solve problems, draw conclusions and consciously learn from events, so that we can establish causal and logical relationships.

Processing speed: capacity that establishes the relationship between cognitive execution and the time invested. Enables information processing quickly and automatically

Perception: encodes and coordinates different elementary sensations to give them meaning.


How to improve cognitive performance

In addition to stimulating activities, a series of attitudes and habits are directly related to better cognitive performance. Together, these activities are capable of improving physical and cognitive well-being, also supporting good health. Therefore, we have separated a practical list for you to include in your routine and improve your cognition:

Sleep well;

Drink coffee;

Practicing Jiu-Jitsu;

Maintain a healthy diet rich in omega-3;

Find new ways to challenge yourself.


Who can benefit from high cognitive performance

The goal of improving quality of life by achieving adequate cognitive well-being is a common topic among different social groups. Thus, the population that can benefit from seeking better cognitive performance is very wide, the main ones being:

Jiu-Jitsu students

Good mental training is essential to keep cognitive abilities and executive functions at high levels. Improved attention, concentration, processing speed, critical thinking, etc. are important aspects of this type of activity where important decisions sometimes need to be taken in just a few seconds.

Finally, the alignment of all these aspects in your routine can significantly favor the development and strengthening of your cognitive functions, improving aspects such as attention and concentration, focus and processing speed. These capabilities can help manage stress or pressure, offering greater predisposition to deal with all the factors of your day to day effectively and satisfactorily.


More and more young people are becoming aware of the importance of good preparation when entering the job market and, once employed, maintaining good levels of work to achieve good results. These young professionals are motivated to look for all possible ways to improve their cognitive performance.


Professionals from different areas are subjected to high and demanding work demands, having to deal with managing multiple tasks at the same time. In addition, they are continuously exposed to different stimuli that compete for their attention, requiring a better ability to manage their resources and achieve adequate responses. Therefore, stimulating good mental functions helps to tolerate these demands and finish work satisfactorily.


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