We know it’s hard to keep training through winter and the best way is to have a friend to help keep you motivated. To give your friends more incentive and to help get them started in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we are introducing the Gracie Kickstart program till the end of the month.

As per usual, you can bring your friends in for a free class. If they join up immediately, we will give them 5 FREE 30 min Private Lessons to help their and your progress. Come to these privates with your friend and one of our instructors to help accelerate your learning. As EXTRA motivation we are also waiving 50{92f1572a082317c0570d27e962ee347172df3d87d051e40ee6d5e73ba38ddde9} OFF their joining fee and introductory gear pack (includes a Gracie Humaita Gi Uniform, T-Shirt, Rash Guard, and No-Gi Shorts)!

Please note this is a limited offer and will expire on the 31st of July and will NOT be offered again till next year.

Get after it Gracie Sydney Team and good training!