I just arrived from CFC, it`s late, I am tired, but many things are in my head and I am not be able to sleep if I don`t share with my students. Richie Vas put up a great show this night of 12/03/2010, undefeated, he was prepared to fight for the Australian Title or CFC World Title. After over two months of hard training and commitment Richie was there, called all his mates, family and supporters to watch his fight and fought like a CHAMPION. It was 25 minutes of war, but Richie never gave up, he was brave, and even when he was in very bad situation he remained calm and manage some great escapes. I can say that his opponent was having his best moment of his life as a fighter, and I assume that our WARRIOR Richie Vas was living his best moment as a man and as a MMA Competitor. Let`s not forget that Richie lays carpet everyday and it is his job, besides that he still have many surfing commitments with his sponsors and still finding time after a hard day of work to put his tired mind into MMA. MY BROTHER YOU ARE A LEGEND!!! Keep your head up and very high, we will train together and harder for the up coming battles and I will always be with you, at all circumstances.


From your coach and friend and the whole Gracie Sydney Family,

Bruno Panno