Dear Kids and Parents,


Congratulations to those who have been selected to grade to their next belts. When selecting students to grade to their next belt, there are a variety of factors that the coaches will take into consideration. These include:

  • Consistent and Regular attendance at the Academy
  • Respecting their Coaches & Peers
  • Conductibility & Behaviour both on and off the mats
  • Demonstrating a Positive Attitude towards their learning
  • Technical Ability & Knowledge of Techniques
  • Skill Level when sparring with a variety of partners
  • Time spent on their current belt


We have begun working with students in the class to assess what areas they excel in and what areas may need further development to prepare them to be selected.

As parents, you can also assist your child in becoming prepared by going through the grading syllabus with your child/ren. This can be found online via our website please visit the link below:


Whilst we acknowledge that these past 2 years have certainly presented challenges, we are EXCITED to give our students the opportunity to set some GOALS and work towards achieving EXCELLENCE.

The grading is always a FUN and POSITIVE experience and we are PROUD to be able to reward our students for their hard work with brand new belts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss these with your child’s coach after class they are happy to assist.

Look forward to seeing you all soon on the mats very soon!



Alyssia Ho

Ayla Hosseini

Dilan Bhardwaj

Eli Hosseini

Gadin Agrawal

Ibrahim Khan

Jakobi Astudillo

Joshua Jauregu

Liam Pham

Luciano Visalli

Max Lin

Nicholas Jauregui

Quentin Saik

Ryder Elsibai

Taylen Idrisoglu

Xavier Pearce



Alicia Ghisso

Andi Smith

Antonio Ghisso

Bradley Lam

Daniel Jr Smith

Harlem Psaila

Hunter Appleby

James Korakis

Jaxon Leeson

Mathew Waterhouse

Memphis Psaila

Quinn Smith

Tangaroa King

Thor Pearce



Avery Roorda

Boaz Waterhouse

Chloe Waterhouse

Daniel Ashurov

Eitan Ashurov

James Maheras



Akira Atizado

Hugo Tonga

Indiana Atizado

Inga Yeskova

Jacob Matthews

Rose Matthews



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