Gracie Sydney Jiu-Jitsu is excited to receive our Master Royler Gracie for a Seminar on the 25th of June. For this reason, we came up with a list of

10 tips to make the most of a Jiu-Jitsu seminar. 


1.Always be open-minded to discover and test new positions or variations of moves that you already know. A detail can greatly enhance your attack.


2. When the professor demonstrates the position in the seminar, don’t prejudge the position right away, practice and see if this position fits into your game.


3. Pay close attention to details of positions, such as grips and hooks, when the professor is demonstrating; a wrong grip can impair or derail the movement.


4. Don’t take your eyes off the professor during the seminar, a side conversation can make you lose the sequence, the dynamics of the position and consequently undermine your efficiency.


5. A seminar is also a place for making new friends. Bring your clean Gracie Humaita Gi to the event as if you were going to compete, no one likes to train with athletes in dirty gis.


6. When an student asks the professor a question during the seminar, pay close attention to it. It can be a very important question that will be another learning factor for the evolution of your Jiu-Jitsu game.


7. When the professor is demonstrating a position, think about it in motion, not what you would do to avoid it. It’s easy to talk sitting down without being under the pressure of the fight and already knowing exactly what the professor is going to do.


8. Even if you don’t immediately “like” the position demonstrated by the seminary professor, learn. It could be used against you one day. When you know a position in depth, the better your defense and counterattack will be.


9. Position learned in seminary should soon be tried and practiced repeatedly in training at Gracie Sydney. Only the practice of repetition makes it perfect.


10. Always respect your coach and ask him about the seminar you intend to attend, about the seminary professor and other details. The more information and opinions you have about the seminar the better.


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