1. Avoid Talking When Rolling

There is nothing worse then a partner who starts to chat when you are rolling, and suddenly starts a conversation, or asks for explanation about a position or how to get out a situation . In my opinion, when you’re rolling is to roll and not to talk. Questions must be taken before or after rolling, not during it!

2 . Do Not Teach while your teacher is teaching

There is always a guy in every gym who likes to teach while the teacher is explaining the position. This guy is always talking to his colleague’s and saying what to do or questioning the technical efficiency. My advice in relation to it: Do not be that guy!

3.Wash your kimono

This is One is the most important tip for sure, wash your kimono! No one deserves to train with someone who smells bad, and I’m not saying that you should be smelling like flowers or to use your best perfume. Just do not smell bad! If you have questions on how to wash the kimono, please ask our staff and they will be happy in assist you.

4. Do not wear jewelry during training

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, all this must be removed and kept safe before get on the mats. In general, jewlery can hurt your training partner, and it can hurt you too.
Ring Finger + Jiu Jitsu = Problem

5- Stay off the mat if you are sick

As Jiu Jitsu is a very contact sport, if you are sick or with some type of skin infection, you need to stay away from the mats, so that will not spread out and to avoid your teammates to be affected too.

6. Tennis Shoes or the mat

The mats should be a sacred place, that’s where you learn to give your best. In this sacred place, there are rules and one of them is that you can only get being barefoot. Stepping on the mat using shoes or sneakers, featuring total ignorance of culture in martial arts rules. Besides, the shoes can bring all kinds of dirt, which can end up contaminating the mat.

7. Cut your Nails

I have trained with people with big nails, and it was not cool. The amount of scratches that I took, I felt like I was trying to strangle a wild cat. after that I wondered if by a twist of fate the claws of my training partner had caught in my eye, I certainly would have problems. Therefore, if you do not want this to happen with you, start by cutting your own nails, and if you notice that some training partner do not have this habit, talk to him or the sensei for this situation is solved.

8. Do not talk using bad words

Although people who swear they are more sincere and honest (there are several materials on the internet on this subject), the mat is no place for using this type of vocabulary. It is a respectful place that may offend people around you.

9. Be on time for the schedule classes

When a student arrives late it can lead to as loss of focus on the other team members and also a severe injury for not warming up properly. Arriving 15 minutes before the class is great, you can meet your friends, have a conversation, drink some water, put your kimono and start the class on the right terms.

10. Entering and Leaving the Mats

The instructor of each class is the main person on the mat. Do not enter or leave the mats without his / hers consent. Make sure you wait for that permission to enter when late and ask in case you need to leave earlier, go to toilets, drink water…

Bruno Panno – Gracie Humaita Australia Head Coach