It is a well known fact that children need guidance in their life not only coming from their parents but also from an external source. We live in times which force parents to spend less time parenting and way too much worrying about the development and safety of their offspring. Sport classes are great for exercising and focusing the child’s attention but I believe that they fall short when compared to martial arts. The missing link in this case would be also covering the spritual aspect – believing that both psychological and physical, can be strengthened simultaneously . Signing the youngsters in a form of martial art has been a go-to move for decades among the parental bodies in order to get some aid in the endeavour of raising capable men and women who one day will grow up to be valuable contributing members of our society.
Talking about Martial Arts, we do respect all others, but forms of striking combat sports which include full contact sparring are dangerous and too risky for children. Also they do not give the opportunity of defending ones self just by controlling the attacker without actually harming them. This is the “bread and butter” of grappling sports and particularly Brazilian jiu jitsu.


Increase General Jiu Jitsu Understanding / Develop Understanding of Jiu Jitsu Concepts

  • Learn Self Defence
  • Improve movement, coordination and agility
  • Learn self-discipline and build confidence
  • Respect for instructors & peers
  • Developing listening, obedience and focusing skills;
  • Improving social skills;
  • Improving self-control, respect and discipline;
  • Increasing physical attributes such as hand-eye coordination, strength, agility and flexibility
  • Overview of all positions and situations
  • Explanation of core concepts & ideas
  • Coordination drills & interactive games
  • Exploring core concepts & ideas
  • Develop all aspects of training for Kids in Martial Arts; both physical and mental
Gracie Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)  strongly recommends all parents to take this step and just bear witness of how your child’s awareness, discipline, self confidence and coordination will begin to change. Jiu Jitsu is a vehicle for developing your human potential. Everything is about the new friendships, taking good care of your mind and body, the life lessons you learn both about others and about yourself.
Worth Trying, See you on the Mats!!!!
Gracie Sydney Alexandria Kids Jiu Jitsu