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Yoga is one of the most popular physical activities in the world – and for very good reason. Yoga not only increases your flexibility and general physical wellbeing, but practitioners insist participation in regular yoga sessions improves your overall health.

We at Gracie Sydney believe in a holistic approach to our martial art, and we know that yoga greatly enhances our Jiu Jitsu skills through increased endurance and flexibility. We strongly recommend anyone serious about their Jiu Jitsu take yoga classes, which is why we have introduced yoga to our timetable.

Our classes are held are various times throughout the day, and you don’t need to be a Jiu Jitsu student to attend – the classes are open to everyone. Please Contact Us to find out more.

About Instructor Simon Hill: I started Iyengar yoga in 2005 because of chronic lower back pain. The back pain eventually left but the yoga practice remained. In 2009 I completed my teacher training and have been teaching regularly ever since. I started my Gracie jiu jitsu training in 2013. Iyengar yoga emphasises alignment, precision and longer timings in postures. Alignment allows safe and biomechanically correct movement; precision focuses the mind; longer timings allow relaxation and breath awareness to develop. I believe yoga can be very helpful to jiu jitsu practitioners and I can personally attest to the benefits. Flexibility, balance, strength, recovery, relaxation and breathing are all improved with a regular yoga practice. Many of the movements in yoga and jiu jitsu are similar and the connection to the ground is fundamental to both disciplines.