Wrestling benefits several muscle groups, brings body resistance and makes the jiu-jitus student disciplined.


Wrestling is the oldest martial art in existence. To give you an idea, it was portrayed as a struggle for survival and ended up as a sport category when it entered the 704 BC Olympics in Greece. This sport plays a very important role in good physical shape.


Among the benefits are the that contribute to the agility of the practitioner. This means that reflexes improve, as they are essential to attack and protect from the opponent. In general, wrestling requires focus and balance that is reflected in the body resistance to face the training. Tenacity comes into play as another important element of this martial art, as it influences the focus, which gives the student a better idea of ​​the body, so that he does not go beyond limits and suffer injuries.


Like other martial arts, wrestling improves mental health and makes the student disciplined. It even requires a commitment from the practitioner who, over the course of training, can change martial arts modality, as the learned blows are used in other fighting practices. In a physical sense, this sport benefits all muscle groups, such as the legs, torso and even the neck. Also included in the package are the motor coordination, speed, agility and intensity to execute the blows.


Positional Strength or Athleticism

There is a widely accepted myth that people are either born with good hips or without them, and that good hips cannot be developed at all. While some people are in fact blessed with great genetics. The notion that good hips cannot be developed is not true. Experienced wrestlers know how to use their hips in order to prevent giving up their favorable position, which transfers over to jiu-jitsu in that it becomes much harder to sweep an opponent with good hips and posture.


Confidence and Quick-Thinking On the Feet

Takedowns can get tricky pretty quickly. To reach a high level of takedowns, your takedowns need to be integrated into your subconscious mind in order for you to make split-second decisions on the feet. By training in wrestling, you get introduced to this area while also learning how to hand fight for favorable position. Wrestling, however, won’t teach you how to fight for sleeve and lapel grips like in judo. The main focus will most likely be on leg attacks as those tend to be the highest percentage attacks in wrestling.


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