One of the most talked-about tournaments of the year, the Who’s Number One Championships, is set to happen on the 07th of August. Felipe Preguiça and Gordon Ryan have a history of rivalry between the two and provocation on the internet.


The trilogy between Felipe Preguiça and Gordon Ryan is now official. The bout was announced this weekend by Who’s Number One for August 7, with no time limit and submission only. No-gi fights will be in Texas (USA) and could be a preview for ADCC 2022.


Felipe Preguiça and Gordon Ryan have a history of rivalry between the two and also of provocation through social networks. In the only two clashes, the Brazilians emerged victoriously. In the first match, in 2016, the Brazilian fighter ended up with a rear-naked choke and, in 2017, for the ADCC, he beat the American 6-0.


Preguiça is the only black belt athlete to submit Gordon. The American, who is the current ADCC double gold, boasts a record of 63 wins and just one loss since his last setback to Pena in 2017.


No-Gi matches have increased the popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for their similarity to real-life street fights. Gracie Sydney has a wide range of classes on different time slots and levels to offer to its students. Find below: 



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