We recently came across some items from Gracie Sydney’s past. We put them together into Retro Packs that any Gracie Humaita Sydney students can win.

Packs contain: 3 PATCHES, 2 STICKERS, 1 RASHIE, 1 T-SHIRT.

To win one of these exclusive packs show us how fast you can complete 100 Sprawls! We are also giving one away for MOST CREATIVE sprawls so have fun with the location and attire.


1)      Sprawls must be filmed and submission of film is your proof of completion.

2)      Sprawls must be done in one sitting sequentially, not at different times and video must be continuous.

3)      Technique for Sprawls must be consistent for ALL 100 reps:

  1. On the downward movement legs are outstretched backwards, chest and hips must touch the ground.
  2. On the upwards movement both legs must come completely under the body with both feet flat on the ground. Both hands must leave the mat.

This competition will last till Monday, June 30th @ midnight. Post your video submissions to the Gracie Sydney Facebook page by then! You can’t get these items any other way so get sprawlin’!