Hi guys, just came back from UFC Abu Dhabi and would like to share my experience with you, before that, a brief story: One day before we were in Dubai, enjoying all luxury from Bourj Al Arab,  me and Julia went to a Safari into the desert with a dinner in the camp, so far so good, Camel riding, dunes, sunset, beautiful… during the night I start to feel some effects from the desert food and got food poisoning. I think I lost about 3 kilos at this night, could not eat anything in the next day, and had to use my mind spirit to support the desert heat and 90 minutes traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, mute, without moving and trying to not feel any kind of smell.

Arriving in Abu Dhabi I spoke with Minotauro and George Guimaraes and and they arrange some tickets for us, great, wedding present. After meeting them we went to the event and the location was awesome, open air, at YAS ISLAND, in front of Ferrari Factory. Wasnt big and crowded like the Australian show, but good and well organized as it should be. The undercard fights were good, entertaining, eyes open for Phil Davis in the future, he is strong, awesome wrestler and very good in submissions, can be a great champion.

The main event was very disappointing. Maybe the high heat was making the effects into the fighters as I felt they conserving a lot of energy or, not having it at all, the best fight by far was Munoz vs Grove, Munoz showed a very big heart getting away from many submissions attempts and big right hander straight into the chin and winning after a powerful ground and pound. Great fight, awesome fighter.

BJ and Edgar was boring, at this time I was still having effects of the food poisoning and almost felt asleep, seriously, was weak and the small of the Arabian food was making me worse, got fever and everything, at the same time some Australian guys were behind me, drunk, screaming their lungs off and starting to make me angry. Anyway, honeymoon, Abu Dhabi, married, serious man, lets enjoy the show. Backing to the fight, I think Edgar deserved to win and BJ done nothing the whole fight, but, BJ was the champion before the fight, so… anyway, it could go to the both sides, look forward to the rematch.

Renzo and Hughes was slow, with both fighters respecting each other a lot, at the end Renzo felt the long time inactive and his gas run out. When asked about if he should pick a easier opponent for he come back fight he said: “What a kind of fighter would I be if I did that” . Great answer for a great champion!!!

Main Event, Anderson starts showing his skills in the first round and I thought the fight would be over very quick, he got  Maia a feel times and when he touches he hurts, Maia`s face wasn`t pretty at all, but strangely Silva was doing more for the show then for the fight, and a uncommon Anderson stopped to be aggressive and limited to circle around at the last two rounds, with the victory guaranteed in the first 3.

Overall, not a very entertaining show, but a great event venue and well organized.

Tips from my experience, Dubai is way nicer then you can imagine, if you have a chance to go it is worth it. Don`t miss a dinner at Margeaux Restaurant right in front of the water dancing show, it pays off the trip, trust me. City of gold is nice too, but do not forget to leave your credit card at the hotel, otherwise you will regret later.

Tomorrow I will be in Maldives, hope to get some waves…

Bruno Panno – Gracie Sydney Head Coach