The Triple Bull Central Coast Competition was on this weekend. It was the first BJJ tournament in New South Wales for the year.In total  68 male, female, and child, competitors from all our branches made it out to the event and many more in support. Competitors, we are proud of your efforts wheather you won or not! Know that whatever you got out of the tournement is what you needed. If you won, let’s look to the next one; if you lost, come into the gym and we will work out the details.

Some notable competitors we would like to mention-

Zoey from Gracie Humaita Bronte, who cleaned up both in Gi and No-gi showing a fire we haven’t seen from her before! Gonzalo lost in the semi final to Felix from Humaita Bankstown but on the way managed to submit in three matches via armbar each time. Sami for his selflessness and thinking of the team first. He conceeded to give Patric the win and Martin the third place so that our team closed out the division! Jason Rosa for double gold in his brown belt divisions; welcome back to competition!

To all those who weren’t competing but still mananged to come up on the day, thanks for all your continued support. Everybody appreciated it!