It looked like he wouldn’t come this year, but anyway, he arrived… the really Cold Weather!!! And it is often accompanied by that laziness and a desire to not train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Sometimes, the cold weather is still accompanied by the rain and the desire to leave the house and go to Gracie Sydney is even less. Although this is more common than it should be, the weather cannot be an excuse to stop practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Pre workout

First of all, on cold days, a good stretch is essential, as well as a slightly longer warm-up at a slightly higher intensity. Stretching prevents us from feeling those uncomfortable muscle pains. The warm-up makes the muscles “loose”, making our movements more fluid during the practice of techniques, which facilitates the entire technical development of Jiu-Jitsu. In winter most injuries during training are caused due to ineffective stretching and improper warm-up. When injured, we stopped training. And that’s sad =( .


Rashguards and Compression Pants

Rashguards and compression pants are essentials to keep your body temperature, for a good hygiene practice and finally for making our life easier when the weather is not contributing. Wearing a Gracie Humaita Rashguard is mandatory for training at Gracie Sydney.


Taking Good Care

On colder days, some extra care is also needed, mainly because the environment where training is carried out usually remains more closed, because of the low temperature. With this, the possibility of contracting a cold (or transmitting it to a training colleague) is much greater. Always carrying a bottle of water with you is one of the key tips to avoid this. Not sharing that bottle is another. Each one must have its individual hydration. Another very important tip is to sanitize your training equipment (Gi, Rashguard, etc…) always. Mainly, for those who train martial arts who use a Gi, always keep it clean!


Last Tip

The last tip is: never ever ever ever stop training, despite the weather. Come for training!!!



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