With the Internal Kids Competition rolling out in a few weeks, it is important to be well prepared.


If you have still not registered, now is your chance to compete! Head over to our Instagram page, or come into the Academy for more details.


Everybody gets nervous before competing, however, it is important to understand that being nervous is a normal feeling. Being brave enough to put it all on the line is already a win.


Here are some beneficial tips leading up to tournament day.


  • Select a comfortable weight bracket. There is enough stress before the competition; why worry about something extra? Place yourself in a division where you’re not going to starve yourself leading up to the tournament. Be nourished enough to satisfy your energy expenditure on the day.


  • Stick to a routine that works. Eat three healthy meals a day if this is standard practice. Ensure the training load is not substantially increased too close to a tournament start day. Get the required sleep needed to be functioning optimally during the day.


  • Training hard one or two days out from competition increases the chance of injury. Taking a day off before a tournament gives the body some needed rest and gives the mind an increased feeling of wanting to compete.


  • Try to relax. Do not let the nerves exhaust you mentally before you have even stepped on to the mats. Things like meditation, rest, or sedentary activities are all recommended up to 48 hours before the start of the first match.


  • Since the competition is internal, between Gracie Humaita teammates; coaching will be forbidden. All kids will be on a level playing field without input from parents or coaches during their matches.


Enjoy the journey. It is simply a Jiu-Jitsu tournament after all. As a parent, be as encouraging as possible. It is not the be-all-end-all. Have fun on the day and give your best.