The truth is that sleep has a great influence on sports performance. An athlete always seeks to overcome challenges in training or in competition. All athletes, amateurs and professionals alike, will be designed to be magicians or top performers to increase endurance in their sport.

Sleep is essential for the functioning of the physiological and psychological functions of the body Meanwhile, our body’s routine is changed, therefore, completely altering the balance of the body.


Research has tested soccer players to find out whether longer, deeper sleep improves performance on the field. The study also took into account the statistics of the matches that the athletes played. These numbers were based on data from the cross athletes’ mood swings and their provision during the day. After the first analysis, players were recommended to get as much sleep as possible at least 10 hours at night for the next eight weeks. With at least two hours, there were more significant changes in the athletes’ performance.


Although small, they are really impressive two. As expected, players’ sleepiness and fatigue levels also significantly.


In addition to a good diet, the athlete needs to have a good night’s sleep. We all need quality sleep so that we can have health and well-being. In the case of athletes, who use their body as a work tool, they need to have a routine of well-sleep nights to report how much energy is spent in the practice of sport. I slept badly, it increases the activity of the body’s adrenaline, making it not elected in a state of alert.


During sleep we lose the muscles of the head, therefore, to avoid more serious problems in the spine, there must be problems of one night of control of the correct posture during the period. The correct and supportive pillow makes the resting posture favors the anatomy of the body, as well as prevents tissue sprains and inflammation, which can be extremely harmful to an athlete.


The most suitable for sleeping is always in a lateral position. It should not be confused with the fetal position, where the entire spine is exaggeratedly flexed, harming it as the days go by. Sleeping in a way can be harmful to all types of people. In addition to interfering with the performance of daily activities, processes such as osteoporosis, contractures, and poor circulation can be aggravated. Sleeping little daily can be even more serious and trigger problems of reducing, increasing obesity and increasing obesity, increasing severity, and increasing mental health.


Athletes during hours of performance and strength training, as well as developing a specific training diet dedicated to their training during many hours of performance and performance training. However, very few athletes turn their attention to something as simple and basic as sleep habits.


Some studies indicate that regular sleep, 8 hours a night, improve functions and causes protein synthesis to recover as a structure, making the person even more prepared for sport and with a healthier life cycle.


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