There is no crisis that will push us down! On the contrary, our family grew and it is even bigger and stronger now! It was beautiful to see all the support coming from the students throughout these difficult times. In response, our team is working hard to provide you with the best service you could have.

September is around the corner and it is bringing heaps of good news to pump our training!

Check some of them:

 MAT 2

Changing a bit our infrastructure to give more space for our rolls, we are enlarging the mat 2 to 72 square meters



News in our timetable is also coming up. They do not affect the current, we are only more options and programs onboard!

  •         Kids Classes

That’s it! They are coming back on Saturdays for the parents who have busy weeks.

  •         Teens Classes

Teens also need attention! This is the age you make many choices for your life and we want our teens to choose Jiu-Jitsu! We will be back in full swing. 

  •         NO-GI

Many students have asked for it and we heard you guys! More NOGI classes are on the list of adds on for our new time table.

  •         Foundations Class

We understand that the first months of Jiu-Jitsu are very challenging and deserves special attention. For this reason, we are returning the foundations class to better train our new warriors.

  •         Fundamentals Class

As of last but not less important, we are coming up with more classes for fundamentals! These classes have been pumping and we want to give you guys more options during the day.


We are very happy to make this announcement and we hope you guys enjoy the changes and make good usage of it. Bigger mats and about 20 more classes in the timetable, what a win!!!

We want to see the house full and the Gracie Family engaged! Bring your friends to train with us and get a week free if they sign up!!!