Sep 2007 – Xande Ribeiro – Half Guard Pass

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Prof. Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling World Champion and teaches Jiu Jitsu with his brother Saulo Ribeiro in San Diego, California.

Here Prof. Xande teaches a very effective half guard pass.

Xande_0907_01Step 1

Xande is in Luke’s half guard, and is controlling the head with his left arm.

Xande_0907_02Step 2

Xande blocks Luke’s leg and frees his knee.

Xande_0907_03Step 3

Now with only his foot trapped, Xande pummels his right arm under lukes and locks his hands together.

Xande_0907_04Step 4

With his knee free from the previous steps, Xande is able to cross his knee across Luke’s hips to the near side.

5Step 5

With the angle he has created, Xande can now drive his hips forward freeing his shin from the half guard, while Luke is still unable to move.

Xande_0907_06Step 6

To free his foot Xande can push on Luke’s knee with his left leg.

Xande_0907_07Step 7

With his foot free, Xande has now passed the guard, and with his underhook and head control is already in a very strong position with many options to submit or mount Luke..

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