Welcome to Gracie Sydney New and Unique Setup!!!

Always thinking in offer what is the best to our students, we have joined forces with SRG (Thaiboxing), Real Training (Cross Fit), Sports Lab (Physio and Rehabilitation) and MMAXFIT (Intense and complete aerobic fitness) making us a very unique Martial Arts & Fitness Centre.

– 221 sqm of main Gracie Jiu Jitsu Area using the best grappling mats on the market

– 90 sqm of mat 2 also with the best grappling mats on the market

– 300 sqm of Thaiboxing Area

– Store

– Male and Female Change Room

– Male and Female Toilets With Showers

– Best Professionals in the country, well recognized world wide

– Friendly and Welcoming enviroment

– Kids, Beginners, Advanced, Women Self Defense, Private Classes, No Gi Classes, MMAXFIT and All Level Classes

Our renovated gym is even more professional now and we will be happy in have you to be part of it!

Please contact us and book with our friendly staff your free introduction class!!!