Hi Everyone,

Almost 12 years ago I taught my first class in Australia. In this class I could say that were around 20 students and one of them was Owen Gee Kee. During these years many things happened, students left, students came, we have moved to many different places, but this great person, Owen, always followed me to everywhere I was teaching. Since the early days from the garage (dungeon), passing to Daceyville, Maroubra Surf Club, Maroubra Junction, City, Coogee and now Alexandria, he is one of the very few members who saw our gym growing and witnessed many memorable moments.

Today, on 09/03/13 Owen Gee Kee was awarded a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt by me. I would like to repeat what my masters Royler and Rolker Gracie told me when I received my Black Belt.

“Thanks for believe in Gracie Jitsu and thanks to believe in me as your coach”

I am very proud of you Owen, be sure that you deserve every single stitch of this belt and your journey has only started!!!


Bruno Panno – Gracie Humaita Australia Head Coach