Oct 2007 – Xande Ribeiro – Mount Choke

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Prof. Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling World Champion and teaches Jiu Jitsu with his brother Saulo Ribeiro in San Diego, California.

Here Prof. Xande teaches one of his most famous submissions – the cross choke from the mount.

Xande_1007_01Step 1

Xande has the mount with his left hand deep in Luke’s lapel. His right hand is posted on the mat for balance, and his weight is to the right to prevent Luke from rolling him to the left.

Xande_1007_02Step 2

Xande waits for Luke to expose his neck as Luke traps Xande’s left hand and tries to bridge and roll.

Xande_1007_03Step 3

As Luke’s escape attempt has failed, Xande now initiates his choke as Luke returns from his bridge attempt.

Xande_1007_04Step 4

Xande walks his free hand across the mat keepign a solid mount the entire time he is completing the choke.

Xande_1007_05Step 5

Xande’s right hand now has the second grip around Luke’s neck.

Xande_1007_06Step 6

Xande completes the choke by squeezing Luke’s neck with his grips while dropping his weight onto Luke’s neck. Xande finishes with his head on the mat to his right so he maintains a solid mount the entire time he is finishing the submission

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