Hi Students!

Hope you all are doing good!!


Question, how are your New Years’ resolutions going?

Awkward question, ey? I know. But soon or later we will have to deal with it! We have two options: do it now when we are still in time to make some changes; or only at the end of the year when everything is over. And, Gracie Humaita Sydney Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will play a big role in your progress on and off the mats.


OK, it has been almost 2 months since you set them and now it is time to assess their progress. Despite being something very individual for each of us, these resolutions usually come down to a short general list, such as: getting a new belt, exercising more, losing weight, learning a new skill, reading more, breaking bad habits, etc.

But beware! As common as these resolutions are, the fact is that most of them are not achieved. A study at the University of Scranton in the United States followed a group of 200 people for 2 years with their New Year’s resolutions.

The result? 77% of people were able to maintain resolution for a week. After a month, 64% reported success. That number dropped to 50% after three months and 46% after six months. At the end of the two-year study, only 19% of people claimed to have reached the goal.

Reasons for it can be lack of planning, lack of discipline, frustration and overcharging….

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So, let’s set new strategies and actions to make them happen!


Here are 6 tips that will certainly help you to achieve them!


1. Plan and be clear about your goals.

Not rare, we set tremendous and unrealistic goals.

Or, we think about something that is not under our control.

Both reasons are topics that we can and have to work on. Planning and breaking-down the goals into small tasks surely helps you to keep moving forward and stay motivated.

And remember, breaking-down to have clarity and plan to keep track of the progress.


2. Manage your expectations.

How hard are you on yourself? As much as laziness is harmful, too much pressure does the same damage. Set realistic goals and milestones that you are able to achieve considering your overall situation! There is no shame if you have to reconsider or adjust your parameters. It’s better to get something done than nothing.


3. Focus on developing new habits, not results.

It is better to get surprised than frustrated. This is the mantra! And, of course, enjoy the journey. Image this situation: a Jiu-Jitsu athlete who doesn’t like to train, just to fight! He/She may get some championships but imagine how suffering will be his/her routine. Everyday having to wake up and go to the mats to train. So, set your goals thinking about what you will have to do to achieve them. On this way you will make your journey pleasurable and not a sacrifice.

Breaking old and not beneficial habits and implementing new one doesn’t seem to be easy, but it is necessary. Start small.


4. Measure your progress.

Keeping track of your progress is a great way to stay motivated and pursuit your dreams. Remember to have a good planning, action plan and milestones where you can come back and see how far you have come. This will also prevent you to drop off everything.


5. Develop your discipline.

Discipline comes with time and dedication. You will not develop this great habit overnight. Our best tip here is to surround yourself of positive people that will incentive your progress and complement your whatever good you do.  And of course, reading books, podcasts and listening to perseverance and grit subjects will also support you on that!


6. Surround yourself with people who will help you in this goal.

It’s common said that you are the average of the 5 people your stay more in contact. On this way, be selective on who you stay with! Sometimes, relatives, friends, children, coaches, partners…. be attentive to this!


And now, welcome to your next cycle!

With these tips, we hope you can define possible and definitive goals and plans for the year to come. Our best version we create every day and with all this foundation it will be much easier for you to define a routine and a mindset that will lead you to your goal!


Oss, see you on the mats!


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