Here we come with some simple, but very powerful, tips to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions on the mats.


1.Plan and be clear about your goals

When it comes to defining New Year’s resolutions, it is common to set unrealistic goals that culminate in failure. To solve this problem, use the SMART framework to plan them:

Specific be specific and clear in your goal. For example, “Win Category and Absolute division on my Belt in 2023” is better than “getting a new belt”.

Measurable: quantify your resolution if possible. For example, ‘Attend to XYZ number of classes’.

Attainable: aiming high and dreaming big is always good, but setting goals incompatible with your progress is not the goal here.

Relevant: don’t forget to understand if the objective makes sense for your priorities, your values ​​and your general objectives. Never define a resolution based on external pressures, as they will never be relevant to you.

Time-sensitive: set REAL deadlines for the goals you are designing. Here again, it is worth mentioning that frustration is one of the main reasons for abandoning BJJ.

After defining goals based on this framework, don’t forget to write them down somewhere important, it can be in your room or on the cover of your cell phone, for example, pasting a post-it note that you will see frequently. The plan here is to revisit and remember those goals whenever possible.


2. Manage your expectations

Do not forget. Great things take time. Don’t rush to change your belt. It shouldn’t be a goal, but a consequence.

Understand that change is a process that is lived on a daily basis, without holding on to the past and without visualizing the future all the time. Keep your focus on evolving 1% every day and not completely changing overnight.

It is also worth mentioning that here you should avoid as many comparisons as possible. Do not forget that each person has his journey of evolution, growth, history and so on. Ah! And don’t compare your beginning with anyone’s environment, okay?


3. Focus on developing new habits, not the result

A study at Duke University (USA) revealed that up to 40% of our daily choices are not actual decisions, but habits. We do certain activities automatically because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort.

The simple repetition of an action for 21 days can create new habits and achieve great changes. Until then, maintaining discipline is the big secret.

In practice, the discipline is quite simple: don’t look for the motivation to do something every day. Don’t look, because it won’t come. When you need to, take manual control, take that dose of self-control and just go!


4. Measure your progress

There is a maxim in the business world that “what is not measured, cannot be managed”.

Bringing it into context, if you don’t measure the progress of your goals, you will be unable to know if you are on the right track, assess what actions to take or even take that boost of motivation because you are getting there!

So, create a routine to measure your progress related of your New Year’s resolutions.


5. Develop your discipline

Eliud Kipchoge was the first man to run the distance of a marathon in less than 2 hours, in an unprecedented feat that happened in 2019. In one of his most famous quotes, he said:

“Only the disciplined are free in life. If you have no discipline, you are just a slave to your emotions. “

Well, that is exactly correct. The mind is not waiting for motivation to knock on the door to chase your New Year’s resolutions. You should develop your discipline and remember that there are no shortcuts!


6. Surround yourself with people who will help you with this goal

You are the average of the 5 people you live with the most, have you heard of that phrase?

Surround yourself with people who will help you along the way of each of your resolutions and who can contribute a little of what they live by teaching you the best way to get there.

From professionals who will guide you on WHAT you need to do, friends with the mentality you want to have by your side, family to support you and be your safe haven … be sure to look at the people you live with and analyze the stimulous you receive from them.


Welcome to your next cycle!!!

With these tips, we hope you can define possible and definitive goals and plans for the year to come. Our best version we create every day and with all this foundation it will be much easier for you to define a routine and a mindset that will lead you to your goal!


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