There are a large host of benefits that come with training martial arts, the benefits range from physical to mental and even spiritual. In a pandemic ravaged world, training martial arts to strengthen your mind, body and immune system should be a main priority in everyone’s life.


Regular exercise has proven to boost your immune system and metabolic health, resulting in improved immune response and improved respiratory function. Keeping your immune system healthy massively increases your chances of preventing and fighting off viruses and diseases such as COVID-19 and others.


The best form of exercise for your immunity is aerobic exercise, this is due to the high intensity involved in this specific form of exercise. When your body is working at a high rate it increases blood flow, clears bacteria in your body, causes an elevation in body temperature that strengthens antibodies to help fight infection, and reduces stress hormones. 


Studies have shown that working out regularly for 60 minutes at a moderate aerobic level, and 15 minutes at a vigorous level is the best to obtain the increase in immune response which is the first step your body takes to produce the benefits previously discussed. BJJ Training is perfect for this as the format and class structure suits this formula perfectly. Class begins with a warm-up to get your body working prepared for the work ahead then into technical training under low to medium resistance to simulate a fight/position and then finishes with rolling which is the most intense part of the training pushing your body to apply the techniques learnt in class. 


Your body’s physical health is not the only thing that is positively affected by training BJJ,

your mental health also adopts a host of benefits. Mental health is something that can easily be overlooked but is arguably the most important factor in your health. The dynamic nature of BJJ allows you to let off steam within a controlled environment. When you’re in the middle of a roll the only thing you’re thinking about is the opponent you have in front of you. All the exterior things in your life don’t take a toll on your mind and it allows your mind to be free of stress.


BJJ is a fantastic way to meet new people and build a strong group of friends and essentially be a part of a community. There’s something about rolling together and finding ways to attack your peers, it brings people together in a very unique way that you can’t explain. You spend years learning and growing with teammates and meet such a variety of cultures and people that you wouldn’t have had the chance to engage with if it wasn’t for Jiu jitsu.



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