Here we go again! After a few cases of Delta variation of coronavirus had been identified in Sydney, we will be facing two weeks of lockdown. Sounds boring, right? But it doesn’t have to be. Actually, it is totally up to you how you are going to face this period! 

Thinking about you, our students and parents, Gracie Sydney came up with a list with a few ideas to make this period off the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mats more productive and chill. Your mental and physical health are in focus in this list in order to keep you in a better state of mind and shape, and ready to come back to training when the academy is reopened. So follow the list below and start it at your convenience:

1. JIU-JITSU VIDEO LIBRARY hundreds of tutorials available to active members for free. Active members, send an email to requesting your access. Content includes All Levels by Bruno Panno, Butterfly Guard, Close Guard Attack, Close Guard Sweep, Fundamentals, Open Guard Attack, Partner Drills, Self-Defence, Side Control Attack and technique of the day. 

2. READING. Read one chapter of a book every day. Being online on your social media during the whole day may give you some anxiety symptoms, so try to disconnect and live your offline life.

3. STAY IN TOUCH. Call a friend every day. Keep in touch with the ones that you care about and remember (yourself and them) that you have each other.

4. GET OUTSIDE for one hour every day. It can be in your garden, balcony or even in front of your house. Look at the sky, feel the sunlight and stay in contact with the nature around you.

5. NEW LANGUAGE. Learn the basics of portuguese every day. As a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner it would be nice if you could understand and speak some words in Portuguese.

6. DIET. Try to cook new recipes. Google it, download a book, ask your grandmother’s top secret recipes, whatever, but adventure yourself in the kitchen!

7. MEDITATION. It can help you to stop overthinking and calm down your thoughts, anxiety and insecurities.

8. HYDRATATION. Compromise yourself by drinking at least 10 cups of water every day. Or you can also buy a 1 liter bottle and drink 3 of them daily.

9. DONATE. Try out all your clothes and give away the ones you don’t like or don’t fit anymore. Someone else will love it!

10. MEET UP (in your bubble). Organize a happy hour and games night with your flatmates and relatives! Take advantage of this moment to strengthen relationships.

11. MOVIE TIME. Watch Oscar movies. Most of them are already available in some different streams.

12. WRITING. Start writing a daily journal. You’re gonna love to read how you were feeling and what you learned during the lockdown in a few years.

13. PLANNING. Do financial planning. If you already know how to use the Excel program, try to create a spreadsheet to control your wastes. If you don’t know how to use it, now is the perfect time to learn.

14. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF. Get a new haircut! Come on, you have two weeks to get used to your new hair before you see people again.

15. DREAM AWAKE! List all the places you wanna go when lockdown finishes. Museums, cafes, beaches, cities, pubs, national parks, waterfalls…

16. CAREER PLANNING. Have a look at your resume and update it. You never know when a good opportunity will come to you.

17. LISTEN TO MUSIC. Create a collaborative playlist on your Spotify and ask your friends to add their favorite music, so you can all listen to them at the same time, but at your places.

18. BREATH PROPERLY. We already talked about how important it is to know to control your breathing for BJJ, so use this time to practice it!

19. READING BJJ NEWS. Explore our website. Check out the latest news and enjoy our content that was all made to you!

20. ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Take that business out of your mind and start small, but start. Break down your next steps and follow them. One by one. And, enjoy the journey.


Stay strong and optimistic! Remember that even during the lockdown you can still count on us! We will always be here for you!!

See you soon,
Gracie Humaita Sydney.

by Fernanda Monteiro. 


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