This is our biggest asset, our Students:

All we do is for you! Gracie Sydney Grading Photo 2022! Congratulations to all students that changed their belts this year, and also for everyone that showed consistency on your training routine. Belts are just ONE sign of improvenment. When this time of the year comes around we recommend that you stop to reflect on what you achieved and what you could peform better (we are not only talking about your training). It is time to evaluate and set your new goals for 2023! And as always, count on us to achieve them!


Why women should train BJJ?

Here are a few reasons and benefits that we believe why women should train BJJ

– Self-eteem development

– Self-defence skills

– Socializing (#sisterhood)

– Lose weight

– Self-empowerment

– …

What is yours? Bring your friends and partners to train at Gracie Sydney in 2023!


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Why men should train BJJ?

We strongly believe that #Brotherhood is one of the most important aspects of training BJJ. Of course, by training at Gracie SYdney students will adquire Jiu-Jitsu skills. But, the social aspect that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brings to students is unreal. By sharing precious time on the mats, sharing knowledge and ultimately trusting your neck and arms to your training partner creates a bond relationship between students. Jiu-Jitsu is a perfect physical activity to start in 2023 as it combines a range of benefits, such as: lose weight, learn a martial art, socializing and many other.

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