*article from graciemag

Many geniuses have concerned themselves with the problem of insomnia, among them Carlos Gracie and Friedrich Nietzsche. To Gracie, the simplest solution was good old passion fruit juice. “In the cases of insomnia and altered nervous system, make a passion fruit refreshment (five or six fruits) with just normal water or coconut water — one to three glasses. Avoid coffee and black tea,” he wrote. The juice must replace one of the meals.

The grandmaster also understood that mind and body need to be in sync to catch some Z’s. It’s what Nietzsche wrote in his commandments for beating insomnia. Check them out:

1 – To sleep well at night, one must be awake during the day.
2 – One must defeat themselves ten times a day. This creates considerable tiredness.
3 – You must make peace with yourself ten times a day, because you usually can’t sleep at war with yourself.
4 – One must find ten truths each day. Otherwise the soul hungers for truth and is sure to bite you at night.
5 – Ten times a day one must laugh. Be happy ten times, or else your stomach will annoy you.
6 – One must have many virtues to sleep well, but don’t forget to make them fall asleep before you do. Virtues can also be a pain in the ass.
7 – One must make peace with their demons and also their neighbor’s demons. Or they will torment them at night.
8 – Don’t covet your neighbor’s woman or man.
9 – Don’t sin against chastity.
10 – Don’t eat heavy foods before bed.