As we write this the 2014 Pan American are coming to a close for another year of great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition. This year saw the winners in many of the Adult Male Black Belt division coming by two team members closing out the division without a match!  Though many of the usual competitors in the Adult Female division were not present this year The Gracie Humaita Female team still did well with Bia Mesquita winning double gold in both Absolute and Lightweight divisions. 

If you missed the action check out photos and write ups at IBJJF’s Facebook account or for video replays. 

Here is a quick run down of the results for all the Adult Black Belt Divisions: 

Men’s Roosterweight Final: 1st Joao Rodrigues, 2nd Milton Bastos

Men’s Light Featherweight Final: 1st Paulo Miyao, 2nd Joao Miyao

Men’s Featherweight Final: 1st Mario Reis, 2nd Gianni Grippo

Men’s Lightweight Final: 1st Lucas Lepri, 2nd Michael Langhi

Men’s Middleweight Final: 1st Leandro Lo, 2nd Otavio Sousa

Men’s Medium Heavyweight Final: 1st Gustavo Campos, 2nd Keenan Cornelius

Men’s Heavyweight Final: 1st Yuri Simoes, 2nd Lucas Leite

Men’s Super Heavyweight Final: 1st Luiz Panza, 2nd Bernardo Faria

Men’s Ultra Heavyweight Final: 1st Andre Galvao, 2nd Alexander Trans

Men’s Absolute Final: 1st Andre Galvao, 2nd Leandro Lo

Women’s Light-Featherweight Final: 1st Andrea Encarnacion, 2nd Nyjah Easton

Women’s Featherweight Final: 1st Tammi Musemeci, 2nd Mackenzie Dern

Women’s Lightweight Final: 1st Beatriz Mesquita, 2nd Fabiana Borges

Women’s Middleweight Final: 1st Luiza Monteiro Moura da Costa, 2nd Megan Nevill

Women’s Medium Heavyweight Final: 1st Talita Nogueira, 2nd Carolyn Stephenson

Women’s Heavyweight Final: 1st Tammy Greigo, 2nd Andresa Correa

Women’s Openweight Final: 1st Beatriz Mesquita, 2nd Andresa Correa