Nothing is more predictable in a fighter’s life than occasionally feeling that ol’ muscular discomfort. But pain really can be weakness leaving your body.

Anyway, one can never be too careful in handling injuries. A few years ago, Graciemag printed a useful article to help the injured fighter get right back to training with the aid of a cleverly selected menu.

“Do you know why your muscles pulsate after a fight or an intense training session?” we asked. “Forget about myths like lactic acid or insufficient weightlifting. The discomfort is normal, and it’s part of a natural process of inflammation of the human body — a response to excessive physical exercise.” The article then went on to advise the reader not to react by going to the drug store, but to the nearest supermarket instead.

The secret of the great champions, in fact, is adopting a menu rich in foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Step one: cutting out anything that holds back your recovery.

Nowadays science agrees with the Gracie Diet in saying a healthy organism must avoid acidity as much as possible, meaning one must phase out sodas, food dyes, candy, flours, fried food, plus butter and other fats. Once these enemies are gone from your fridge, it’s time to stock up on allies.

Some of the chief natural anti-inflammatories are: algae, cod liver oil, ginger root, garlic, salmon, tuna and onions. Also useful: almonds, cod, avocado, Brazil nuts, carrots, pumpkin, grapes, black beans and soy.