Gracie Humaita Sydney Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) would like to announce the grading test requirements for each of the kids belts as per follow.

Grey/White Belt, Grey Belt, and Grey/Black Belt:




          Movement Techniques:


                   Rolling forward over the shoulder


                   Rolling backwards over the shoulder


                   Hipping out


                   Break falls backwards


          Self Defence:


                   Technical stand up


                   One handed and two hands on one wrist grab breaks




                   How to wear the kimono and tie the belt


                   ‘Thank you’ = ‘Obrigado’ for males (oh-bre-gah-dough)


                                      = ‘Obrigada’ for females (oh-bre-gah-dah)


                   ‘Uniform’ = ‘Kimono’ (key-moe-noh)





Yellow/White Belt, Yellow Belt, Yellow/Black Belt:




Movement Techniques:


Bridging straight back


                   Bridging over the shoulder


Ground Techniques:


                   Hipping out escape from mount


                   Buck and roll escape from mount


          Self Defence:


Basic self defence drill- break fall backwards, move forward, move back, and kick, technical stand up


Two handed front choke




Demonstrate the proper position and points given for:


–Mount position –Closed Guard –Back control –Side control


                   ‘Begin match’- ‘Combate’ (com-ba-tchee)


                   ‘Stop’- ‘Parou’ (pa-row)

Orange/White Belt, Orange Belt, and Orange/Black Belt:


            Basic Ground Positions:

                   Half Guard

                   Quarter Guard

Ground Techniques:

Escape half guard

Sweep from standing up in Guard

Arm bar from mount  


Outside Leg Reap (O Soto Gari) pass to mount

Self Defence:

                   Front Bear Hug over arms

                   Front Beat Hug under arms


                   50 Jumping Jacks 

                   10 Push Ups




Green/White Belt, Green Belt, and Green/Black Belt:


            Ground Techniques:

Scissor Sweep

Choke from mount

Kimura from mount

Self Defence:

Defence against headlock (holding)              

Sucker Punch Defence to take down


                   Double leg (Biana)

Self Defence:

                   One handed collar grab


30 Hindu Squats
10 Hindu Pushups
10 Sprawls