To our Gracie Humaita Alexandria Family,

Whilst these unprecedented times have changed the way we live, exercise is now more important than ever. Being sedentary can lead to adverse health effects and increase the risk of injury upon return to a testing sport like Jiu-Jitsu after a long break period.

If going out is not an option, staying active indoors is still a possibility. Gracie Humaita Sydney has released a wide range of content available for doing exercise solo or with a family member/partner.

Doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an easy and free way to boost mental and physical health, if you have never done Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, now is an ideal time to practice a new activity!

Physical activity helps the body and mind in many ways. It is easy to become restless and bored at home being indoors. Exercise can help boost your mood, energy levels and can even lead to better sleep in the evening. Given the current situation, exercise is an excellent way to help your immune system stay strong.

Take your workout online. We are here to help you. Gracie Humaita Sydney’s online content is available 24/7 for all members. Our world-class instructors break down movements and details that you can do at home to stay in shape or try for the first time. Zoom group classes are being introduced, so that you can interact and ask questions to your professor, just as you would in a normal class at the academy. Physical interaction is currently limited, and this is a great alternative.

Gracie Sydney Jiu-Jitsu is offering to our Members Gracie Online Membership for only $9 a week to have full access to all our Zoom Live Classes and to the library videos on our website.

Who signs up the Online Membership NOW will get 1-year free access to the Online Library when the Academy physically reopen.

– When we get back to presential classes, in case you could not make it, you will never miss the technique again as it will be posted every day on our new Gracie Sydney Online Platform.


Click on the link below to sign up and be part of the new journey.

We are counting on your support!!!

Gracie Sydney Team